Professional construction diagnostics is only the first step.
Bögershausen Bau GmbH also subsequently implements with its well-qualified and widely experienced construction professionals and engineers who specialize in the field of building protection, repair, and special construction.
We collaborate very successfully with international professionals who are technically savvy to implement a wide range of projects on time and within budget. With many years of experience in the field and continuous education to improve on our services, you can be assured quality work that is beyond industry standards.


Bögershausen Bau GmbH shares its headquarters with OptiPlan GmbH in Goldenstedt (Germany) – two companies that perfectly complement their expertise with years of experience and expertise in the field of concrete. Without constant training and professional exchange, one cannot be up to date with the latest findings, that is the management philosophy of the managing director and ö.b.u.v. expert for building protection and building renovation, Jens Bögershausen.

 Jens Bögershausen


This corporate philosophy has enabled Bögershausenbau to grow from a small business into a global company. It emerged as a small construction with its first branch in Hamburg which has now evolved into a multination company with branches in Poland, Ghana, and Romania. All the branches enrich themselves on their part and form a future-oriented symbiosis.




The range of services of the classic construction activity of Bögershausen Bau GmbH ranges from conversion, renovation, refurbishment, modernization to general contractor services. This is rounded off by a variety of services, such as building materials trading and machine service. In this way, we can increase the quality of the projects and guarantee reliable processing.


Building protection
Building protection is part of building physics and describes measures on buildings to protect them from harmful and dangerous effects. These effects threaten the existence of the building and can lead to structural damage in the long term.

Building protection focuses on four areas of protection:
1. Sound insulation
Sound insulation includes all measures to reduce airborne and structure-borne sound transmission.
2. Fire protection Fire
Protection includes measures to protect against fire.
3. Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation aims to reduce the heat transfer of the components.
4. Moisture protection
The moisture protection prevents damage caused by the action of water and moisture.

Facade protection
Facades are a very important component of building structures and should be maintained and protected. Surface cosmetics are not enough, only profound protection, precisely tailored to the respective „problem areas”, has a lasting effect as a „fountain of youth”.
Bögershausen Bau GmbH is a well-vested specialist on the façade: the more exclusive and complex the problem, the better our strengths come into play – first-class product systems combined with a wealth of knowledge in the repair of any substrate.

Bögershausen Bau GmbH offers waterproofing for new and old buildings, as a precaution and retrospect. Horizontal and vertical waterproofing, for every load case from simple soil moisture to pressing water.
In addition to particularly fast and therefore economical systems and, above all, object-specific solutions, which have proven themselves on multiple occasions; we provide up to standard solutions through professional construction condition analysis.
Systematic seals are not only particularly durable and safe, but they are also environmentally friendly. They are used amongst other industries including the drinking water sector. They are proven to be highly chemical resistant, for example, waterproofing of sewage treatment plants where they also protect our groundwater.

To convert houses, restore old buildings, or renovate apartments, craftsmanship and technical know-how alone is far from sufficient. Here, it is also a matter of paying attention to detail: consideration for residents, avoiding dirt and noise as much as possible, strict adherence to deadlines, and also the economical factors.

We attribute our reliability and success in our project completion and client satisfaction to the commitment of our well-trained employees as well as well-experienced subcontractors.


Scope of works:
1. Wear and tear of industrial floors
2. Joint profiles
3. Target cracks
4. Facades
5. Long-term recording of temperature and humidity
6. Repair work


We are always open to your application – in the industrial, domestic, and commercial sectors. We are a good fit for those who are flexible, reliable, willing to perform, determined, and enthusiastic. Contact us even if you do not find a current job advertisement. We look forward to receiving your application.




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